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Raindrops on the Fire

The night is dark, and the thunder growls.

A gust of wind rises like serendipity,

paving the way for the clouds to advance.

As they dance around the fire, ecstatic,

heavy drops pour down from the sky.

A havoc of pleasurable intoxication.

Stomping feet, floating hands,

some run, others remain, infused with euphoria.

The flames are aroused and rise, stronger.

The intensity grows,

and echoes the incoming breaking point on the horizon.

It arrives as a gentle landing into a cushion of catharsis.

Purged by the water,

they seek warmth and resurrection by the fire.

In unison, their bodies return to the ground.

No words are spoken.

Contemplation settles into a peaceful halo,

and the clouds pursue their way.


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